About Us

We are Dandelion Connected

We founded Dandelion Connected because we believe in telling our health stories and sharing our health strategies, with a focus on reducing inflammation in the body. We have an ethos of prevention and optimising wellness in everything that we do.

We believe in the power of knowledge and more so in the sharing of it, we want to see and fix imbalance within our bodies. We believe in pure unadulterated, safe, non invasive displays of your health.

We aim to curate, signpost, review and educate. All in the spirit of moving towards health and living a more connected, joyful life.

The Dandelion Team

Paula Atherill

Co Founder Dandelion Connected
I believe in taking responsibility for our own health and body, key to that is being able to look inside and then use natural healing methods to rebalance.

Tracy Lomax

Co Founder Dandelion
I enjoy helping people to visualise their health! I’m the one passionate about providing a unique thermal fingerprint of whole body health.

Natasha McCreesh

Co Founder Dandelion Connected
I’m all about living joyfully, self care is a big part of that for me. I want to encourage conscious choices about self care.

Our Dandelion Contributors

We can all contribute to Dandelion Connected by telling our health stories and sharing our strategies. Your journey is worth sharing so that it can help someone else with theirs.

We also have regular guest contributors who have chosen to dedicate themselves to exploring health and wellbeing strategies. They will be sharing expert perspectives, case studies, reviews and their own stories.

Jo Hodson

Guest Contributor

The founder of Including Cake and creator of the Wholeplus Toppers healthy snack range. Jo runs retreat experiences and writes about plant based nutrition. 

Lisa Chothia

Guest Contributor

Lisa is The Nutritional Realist providing wellbeing through nutrition workshops and talks for organisations, as well as working on a one-to-one basis offering testing, and supplementation only where necessary.